We’re absolutely thrilled you’re looking to extend your Plann suite to include our new Desktop product!

To use Plann on desktop you’ll need a Business Instagram account, that’s linked to a Business Facebook page - as we do as you to sign in with Facebook. 

How to switch to an Instagram Business Account: 

Open your Instagram account, go to your profile and tap on your settings. Select ''Accounts'' then select switch to business account and follow the prompts to complete set up. 

How to set up / link a Facebook Business Page:

It is super simple to claim your Facebook Business Page, once you have switched to an Instagram Business Account!

We have a handy blog post with Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Facebook Business Page if you need a little help getting set up.

Once you’ve set up a Facebook business page, you can claim your page through your Instagram profile settings:

> > >

How to publish or unpublish my Facebook Business Page:

You can also choose to unpublish your page through the page settings if you are not quite ready to use the Facebook business page, yet.

To unpublish your Facebook Page:

  • Click Settings at the top of your Page.

  • From General, click Page Visibility.

  • Click to select Page unpublished.

  • Click Save Changes.

For more information on managing, editing and publishing Facebook pages, please visit their help centre

Now, once you're account is all set up correctly you can then login to Desktop and start syncing with the Plann app!

To sync your Desktop Plann and your App Plann together:
- Update your Plann App to our latest version in the app store.
- Login to the app using your Facebook Business Page details, matching your Plann Desktop account.
- We’ll send you a note in the Plann app asking to backup your work.
(this is us moving your existing Plann into your new upgraded account, so say yes!)

**PLEASE NOTE: If you’re using an Android device, hang tight! We’re working on getting this to you asap!

If you have followed all of the above steps and are still having any problems logging into the app or desktop, drop the team a message along with your IG handle and registered email address so we can help!

We aim to answer everyone within 24 hours, but the team may need more time to investigate and will come back to you as soon as we have an update!